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The Adventurer Within April 22, 2009

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Two things I love: Adventure and creativity.


Adventure is exciting. It’s remarkable. Most of the time, it involves undertaking a new experience. I LOVE THAT! I love doing things I’ve never done before…going places I’ve never been before…tasting things I’ve never tasted before (most of the time). It’s an experience.


To me, creativity is an adventure — done well, the two go hand-in-hand. When I was a young mom, it took me a while but I figured out that doing something creative everyday energizes my spirit. What a relief it was to discover that doing something creative could mean anything from going to check out a new plaything at a nearby park, or endeavoring to learn oil-painting for the first time. Just as my child eagerly asks me, “What are we going to do today, Mama?,” I can enjoy the same privilege with my Heavenly Father. This is the basis of our intimate relationship.


In terms of spiritual growth, the creative adventure means asking the everyday question: “What do you want to do with me today, Lord?”  His answers encompass everything from housework to relationships; helping others to what to watch on TV; loving my neighbor to greening the planet. Without asking and then making space in my day to wait for the answer, the journey can’t even begin.


You can tell by now, I believe God answers the question. Not that it doesn’t take practice to learn how to recognize His voice, but all through the Bible He spoke: Moses, Aaron, Abraham, Gideon, David, Jesus, Paul, John and others all give eye-  (or should I say ear-)  witness accounts. His response might mean my time with Him is spent journaling, over coffee and heart-level conversation with a friend, tutoring an underprivileged kid, or an exposition of hermeneutics in my spare time (those of you who know me can laugh now at that last one). Whatever His answer, it is life. It is energizing. Matthew 11:30 says: “My yoke is easy, my burden is light.” That I can step into.


This is the stuff of those daily walks God took with Adam and Eve in the Garden. I find it hard to imagine they took the same path each day, had the same conversations over-and-over. No, I believe everyday was an adventurous, intimate bushwhacking of relationship and creation.


Doing something creative is empowering. Living in a creative place means taking on whatever is in front of me.  Anything…as long as it is a response to the Creative Impulse within. Again, on one level that impulse signals my bent for adventure. More than that, properly discerned this internal stirring signals the Holy Spirit wants to express himself through me uniquely each day. If you follow Christ, His Spirit leads and guides you(Isaiah 30:21). Nice to know someone’s got a map.


Aristotle described art as “our capacity to make.”  God calls each of us to use our capacity as His art. That is something in the heart of my being that cannot be imitated — the ultimate creative opportunity. Should I choose to listen each day, God is giving me opportunity for creative adventure. For the fulfillment that makes life worth living. The fulfillment that comes as a result of time with, and response to, the ultimate Creative Genius. Moment-by-moment choices lead to the masterpiece.


Another interesting thing about adventure and creativity: Both always involve 1) some aspect of the unknown, and 2) a response. We decide to enter in. And with that, there is some risk. But we are equipped for that to which we’re called — we each have a briefcase, a back pack, a paintbox, a diaper bag  — something full of gifts that He has given us for the marvelous quest. If we leave our gifts behind, instead tagging along on someone else’s venture, we miss the opportunity for the fantastic thrill that meets us when we ask for direction and set foot on the trail mapped out specifically for us.  But isn’t that the crux of faith?  Trusting the compass of the Adventurer Within. 


Want an adventure? Ask the question today. Create whatever space necessary to wait for the answer. Then, do it.


14 Responses to “The Adventurer Within”

  1. Sue Alexander Says:

    Love it, Amy! I am on an Adventure, and you helped create it by giving me the privilege and opportunity to be a part of AWAKE! No one is more stunned and awed than me that the picture God gave me during the “Dreams” session has truly come to be, and so quickly and dramatically! The Swedish Non-Dreamer has awakened, and the dream that God had for me is far greater than I would have dared to imagine. Watching it unfold it a joy and a continuing surprise. Thank you for your impact on my life, and for being the amazing woman that you are! I love you! Sue

  2. Mimi Meisters Says:

    Great job Amy! that you mention it, I’m missing my art more than I expected! I need that creative outlet for sure. I’ve bookmarked you. ..You Go Gurl! Mimi

  3. Amy Binkley Says:

    Amy … I love the ADVENTURE God has me on … I love the CREATIVITY He is unfolding before my very eyes!!! I’m grateful that God desired … and designed it in His plan for our lives to connect. It brightens my life to know I have a sister like you – in spirit – a prayer away! How I would love to meet for coffee/talk or go on hike and share more details of our life-journey going on … too bad I’m in INDIANA … Nevertheless, PRESS-ON with what our Papa is calling you to in His precious name!!! Hugs!

  4. Karen Kelly Says:

    Can I please have those apples…PLEASE!!!!!
    Let me know how!!!

    I am so thrilled you are doing this. After make dinner I will sit down and hve the read.



    • Amy Pierson Says:

      Sorry K.K. I painted those apples for somebody else…but when I get in my next fruit-painting mood I’ll see what I can do. LOVE that you’re engaging with me on this! Let’s see where God takes this next thing… 🙂 You need to expound on the arts here, O docent diva! Love the way you inter-weave God’s art and man’s! Have you read Refractions by Makoto Fujimara? Kind of new book but right on track with seeing on both levels from an artist-believer point of view.

  5. Ellen Barker Says:

    Amy-love it! It’ so thrilling to find a creative soul to connect with! I so much appreciate your “openness”. I am reading “Chasing Francis” and I am being challenged in the area of my gifts and my creative talents! Keep it up! xo

  6. Amy,

    I especially love this posting. I feel so blessed to have met you and would love to attend another retreat with you. God’s work in YOUR life has enriched mine.

    I am also on an adventure and as we know, adventures can tickle your tummy as my son puts it, or be down right scary. However, I have learned that as I walk and sometimes run in the adventure, God has been beside me all the way and has made provision.

    This is a great reminder that I need to daily ask for more adventure….did I really say that?? Maybe I don’t need to ask as God seems to be having fun watching us scramble around :o)!

    Thank you GOD for amazing women in my life!


    • Amy Pierson Says:

      V~ YOU really DID say more adventure…I can hardly believe that based on all the adventure I’ve witnessed in your life. Imagine the grace AND the excitement ahead! Can’t imagine living AWAKE! without you. I truly believe you are part of the vision of it all. Makes me smile ( — or should I say, “tickles my tummy ). 🙂

  7. karen burton Says:

    I echo so many of the others thoughts, So great to be doing this to take a sneak away from work to think about creative things. i to want those APPLES, such great depth and pespective, and shading great painting girl friend,
    i set up my office this weekend YEA
    Igot out all the scrape book stuff and even the painting stuff, I feel better already, Spring is such a great time to embark on new ideas and sit and enjoy Gods creation and listen to his voice.
    Just having a Latte in my office and pondering the week ahead and prom for my oldest ( her first) fun times ahead.

    Love to you dear one
    Karen B

    • Amy Pierson Says:

      K- You are sooo creative and such a leader. Love hearing that you’re cracking open your creative side again! I think all we need is a little regular encouragement/permission…then there’s no stopping our creativity. Not sure why we feel “un-free” about using our time in such soul-restoring ways(?). Just curious: What is your most energizing passtime?

  8. Sue Jonas Says:

    Amy, I love that you have taken the time to share your thoughts and journey with me/us. It is so easy for me to feel like an “island” adventurer when really we are all experiencing similar paths. Thank you for your encouraging words and for challenging me to look differently at my own creativity in light of God’s gifting. You know how I tend to measure myself against other people in specific areas that have nothing to do with God’s work in me! 🙂 My sister and her dance talent/ calligraphy….you and your painting and writing, etc….I appreciate the challenge to open doors to new ideas and opportunities for God to grow me. Kinda scary….thanks for walking with me! Love you friend!!!

    • Amy Pierson Says:

      Hope you’ll keep walking with me. I marvel at your creativity! Hair is an art medium (and, on somedays, one of the most difficult to master) 🙂 . It takes HUGE risk for any of us to acknowledge our talents — but when you’re surrounded by really gifted people it’s harder to overcome the innervoice of comparison. Definitely NOT the voice of God. That innervoice can’t diminish the truth of what we were designed to be. Creatively-speaking, I have to constantly remind myself to “dance as if nobody’s watching”. So many do what they do better than I — yet, noone can do what only I am called to do quite as well. I will if you will 😉

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